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 Lynda Mauborgne
Valerie Kennedy
EMAIL  | Oak Grove Curriculum Corner 
 August 2019


I hope you had a great break!  There are some exciting things to announce that simply can’t wait until Open House! 

The GA Milestones results for 2019 show 100% of the third grade students who were at OGE for the full academic year passed both the ELA AND math tests!  We’re all so proud of the hard work of everyone who had a part in this success.  The students, teachers (PK – 2nd included), and parent support were behind these results.  Certainly many reasons to celebrate! 

Fourth and fifth grades worked hard as well, resulting in 73% of the fourth grade students passing the ELA test and 89% passed the math test!  As the content difficulty increased in fifth grade, those students finished strong with 89% passing math, 66% passed ELA, 64% passed science, and 56% passed social studies.  Kudos to everyone on a job well done!  These percentages represent learning more complex material and being able to construct responses which are factored into the overall scores.  

We are moving to a two-man team model in second and third grade.  The opportunities for math compacting will still occur, but teachers will teach the content areas which better match their strengths.  The teams will have larger blocks of time for more integration of content which supports our STEM initiative.  Teachers have been planning already and are excited about this plan!  Fourth and fifth grades will continue with a modified, but more traditional departmentalized model.  

Because we had five retirees and four staff members to make choices which better suit their families, we will have many new faces to join our team.  Due to allocations being cut to match enrollment, there have been some staff positions to change within the building.  Please feel free to walk the building at Open House to see returning staff in their new grade/area.   

The Foundation paid Mrs. Deery and her team to paint STEM murals and they created two masterpieces in the front hall.  Habitats, adaptations, vertebrates and invertebrates, and cartilaginous fish are all included.  Thank you for making these a possibility!  

We are the third school to implement the Zero Waste initiative.  Fernbank and Sagamore have had great success with the program and we are excited to begin the program at OGE.  Beginning the first day of school, we will be using the pressed paper compostable trays and stainless silverware in the cafeteria.  We will pilot the “food to plate” initiative to reduce the additional cost of the new plates/trays.  We will have no more of those black plastic serving containers or the paper “boats.”  As students come through the line, they will have to tell the servers what they want to eat.  We’re going to need your help to make this a success.  Opportunities for volunteering during the month of August will be available (please sign up at Open House) to help everyone in the training process.  Please explain to your child he/she will make a lunch choice in homeroom each morning.  When their class gets to the serving line, each child will need to be ready to tell the ladies what they want in order to keep the line moving.  Then, after children finish eating, they will place their silverware in a bin, landfill material in another container, food scraps in another, food for sharing (more on this later), and trays will be stacked at the end.  OGE will have 200 lbs of compost delivered for our garden and we expect to reduce our amount of trash sent to the landfill significantly.  We’re going to need some volunteers at the line to help children with the sorting process and keep the amount of silverware going in the trash to a minimum.  The other schools have reduced the number of bags of trash from 14 to one or two.   

The last item is a new breakfast initiative to be offered at OGE.  The district has requested all schools offer breakfast to students.  A “grab and go” will be offered for those who want to give it a try.  Yogurt parfaits will also be available.  This is not mandatory, but please know it will be available on a small scale.  If you like it, we can always expand the options.  More details will be available at Open House. 

Thank you, and I look forward to another exciting year at OGE! 

Lynda Mauborgne 

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