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 Lynda Mauborgne
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EMAIL  | Oak Grove Curriculum Corner
From the Principal's Desk, October 2

October 2, 2017

Dear OGE Parents,

Many parents have questioned the decision to make up the instructional time with extended days, rather than add days at the end of the school year. The primary reason is due to block scheduling in several high schools. With block scheduling, each course schedules is doubled (blocked), allowing students to complete a course in one semester, rather than one year. While we missed four calendar days, those students missed the equivalent of eight days of class. High school students must take the GA Milestones End of Course test at the end of the semester. Many of these students are seniors and need the credits to graduate on time.

The secondary reason was to not interrupt family plans for either of the upcoming fall and winter breaks. The District has made definite plans for the first two make up days. One will be through the extended day schedule in October and the second by taking the November 7 Election Day.

Stakeholders have been asked to give input regarding the remaining two make up days. Please click on the link (in the Remind text) to respond by October 12th. Dr. Green has provided two options from which to choose. Your input will be submitted to the district office for Dr. Green’s consideration prior to his recommendation to the DCSD Board on Monday, October 16.

Please, one vote per family.

Thank you for your input.

Lynda Mauborgne

From the Principal's Desk, September 29:

Oak Grove’s Makeup Plan 

In response to the makeup time, there are some exciting/fun/different activities being planned for OGE students. Based on the results from the GA Milestones & MAP (as well as to support our STEM certification initiative), our plan for the 20 minutes will be as follows:

Week 1 = Math Computation (Building speed & accuracy with skills already taught)

Week 2 = STEM Perplexors (Problem Solving activities)

Week 3 = Math Perplexors (Critical Thinking problems)

Repeat the 3 week rotation during the make-up time.


  • The 20 minutes will be at the end of the day. An announcement will be made during the first couple of weeks as a reminder.
  • This is not a time for reading, homework, library, games, etc. as this is time dedicated with a specific instructional focus. All students will participate in the specified activities.
  • Regardless of grade or content area, all teachers will implement the activities. Math teachers in departmentalized grades will provide support to their colleagues.
From the Principal's Desk, September 27
I hope everyone has recovered from Irma and that any damages were or will be resolved quickly. We’re back to “business as usual” and everyone is happy to be back in a routine.
After receiving some feedback regarding the timing and notification of the Falcons activities, here is the backstory of how the event(s) unfolded:
Irma delayed the notification of the “Falcon Friday,” which brought the wristbands, tattoos, and other goodies from the Falcons to generate team spirit prior to their home opener Sunday, Sept. 17. The box arrived late Friday morning and the smaller items were distributed for students to take home.
UNRELATED to the Falcon Friday items, the Department of Nutrition and the GA Organics Farm to School group were working on finding a replacement school to host the players for Tuesday’s “Hometown Huddle” service hour. We were notified Friday afternoon about being selected for the visit due to our winning the Silver Award (this had not been announced yet, so I didn’t know). We were selected not only because of the award, but also because we are located inside the perimeter.
A conference call with the Falcon's office Monday confirmed the details for the visit.
Mr. Arthur Blank selected the date/time from 11- 12 as the "Hometown Huddle" giveback date/time for all Falcons to spend time in the metro showing their appreciation to fire fighters, police officers, nurses, and visiting children in schools/hospitals. We had 4 players at OGE to serve lunch to students between 11 - 12. Third grade students were in the cafeteria and treated to the players walking around to their tables after the players walked through the “human tunnel” in the hall. The tunnel was made of PK, 4th, 5th, Mr. Manganello’s class, and two first grade classes. All other classes were served by the players, giving ALL students the opportunity to see the players.
The players who came were: Andy Levitre, Austin Paztor, Derrick Coleman, and Jamil Douglas. Each player enjoyed seeing the students and participating in serving lunch.
The event notification was short and I wanted to let parents know what was coming. The Remind text service is free, so the number of characters per text is limited to 140. Please forgive me for any confusion in communication. More parents have expressed preference to receive texts rather than filtering through the Oak Tree information. Given the fact the conference call with details came after the Oak Tree, the texts were the only information I had at the time. Perhaps I made a mistake in trying to share limited information, but with picture day and the weekend shoppers, I wanted to give parents advance notice so decisions about school picture attire could be made.
Thank you for understanding and for your feedback. It was a great time for all and we have many pictures for the yearbook, Wellness notebook, Twitter, and the district. There are also some autographed items that will surface later…
SPLOST update: There is still no word on the roof. I’ve been told the kitchen floor will be torn out and redone during winter break. The A/C in the gym works really well! Damaged items for the kitchen are to be replaced. Make-up plans for the district due to Irma are not known at the time of this writing but will be announced as soon as Dr. Green and the Board have made a decision.
The clinic is in need of donations for student clothing for those emergencies that happen during the day. If you would like to donate new underwear, shorts, or pants, any items would be appreciated. All sizes (S, M, & L) are needed for both boys and girls. Underwear should be new, but the shorts and pants can be used. Thank you so much!
Thanks for your ongoing support.
Lynda Mauborgne  
From the Principal's Desk, September 25:
What a great opening to the 2017-2018 school year! We’ve met many new friends and students have settled in comfortably for another year of academic growth. MAP assessments are underway and instruction has been going at full throttle!
Thank you to all our volunteers who made registration a breeze! For those who scooped ice cream and/or washed down sticky children at the ice cream social, thank you!
Please welcome our following new staff:
  • Mrs. Amy Smith, 3rd (transfer)
  • Mrs. Patty Wilder, 5th (transfer)
  • Ms. Mary Manganello, Primary MID
  • Ms. Brittany Clark, Resource
  • Mrs. Deborah Greaves, LTSE, (re-assigned to replace Ms. Cooper)
Mrs. Kennedy is serving as our RTI/Data lead this year. She is compiling, comparing, and sharing current and previous assessment data with the teachers, counselors, and administration. Tracking student growth and achievement more closely allows us to better serve student needs.
Mr. McCarthy is serving as the Technology and STEM support this year. He is working with Ms. Kendall Xides planning our STEM activities, creating relationships with sustainable business partners, and providing assistance to teachers with planning collaborative units.
We’re all working to provide the support, rigor, and consistency students need to be successful in school, but we can’t do the work alone. Thank you for the support you all provide at home. Your support makes our work easier because you send respectful, ready-to-learn children each day. 
As we move deeper into the academic year, please be mindful of our carpool, dismissal, and lunch guest procedures. We need the full cooperation of everyone to have a smooth and safe process for all. Please take a moment to review the attachments for all the specifics.
After many challenges, the SPLOST IV project list is almost complete. We’re still having inspections, tweaks, and corrections, but the A/C in the gym is operational, the kitchen is now functioning with hot meals, and the grease trap replacement and concrete repairs are complete. There’s still no ETA on the roof. The kitchen equipment with bashes/dents will be replaced and I just learned this morning the poorly installed kitchen floor will be replaced during winter break.
For the first time in several years the school year opened with no trash barrels in the halls! Most of you will recall having multiple barrels to collect water from overflowing condensation pans, although we’ve had a couple of close calls. We were hoping the water treatment tablets would work, but they appear to have a five – eight week effectiveness, based on the A/C unit use.
I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for a great opening!
Lynda Mauborgne
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