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Changes in ASEDP

May 21, 2018 

Dear OGE Parents, 

Due to enrollment changes, district guidelines, our recent STEM certification, and the need to improve our business model in order to maintain a sustainable program, we are making some changes to our ASEDP for the 2018-2019 school year.  Our projected enrollment is down from the current year, meaning a reduction in our ASEDP staff.  Other changes/improvements are listed below:  

  • To be in compliance with the district’s ASEDP guidelines, the Oak Grove program will be offered for currently enrolled OGE students only.   

  • Emergency drop-ins will be allowed only ONE day per week.  (Drop-ins impact the number of staff needed.) 

  • We are adding a homework/tutorial/enrichment component which will run each day until 3:30.  This better supports student needsin addition to being a meaningful & sustainable component of STEM. 

As with any successful business model, In order to maintain a meaningful and sustainable program, these changes must be made.  We have to cover payroll and fund positions. 

Thank you for understanding our need to make these changes.   


Lynda Mauborgne                                       Jesika Boykins                                   Deborah Hinton 

                                                                        ASEDP Co-Director                           ASEDP Co-Directo