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Oak Grove Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

About Us

Oak Grove's Mission


Seamless collaboration
Compassionate community
Creativity and commitment beyond the standard
Spirit of openness and understanding

The vision for Oak Grove is to unleash the full potential of every child.

Our school mission is to:

  • Challenge ourselves
  • Inspire others
  • Transform our world


Oak Grove School was planted firmly in the community in the fall of 1958. The middle-class neighborhood grew as nearby Atlanta grew, beginning with farmhouses intermixed with suburban houses and eventually changing into a busy metro community. The current residents include families whose grandparents lived in the neighborhood to younger two-career families, attracted by the school’s reputation for academic excellence. 

The school and community continues to be a vibrant place that embraces quality of instruction, maintains high expectations for learning, and works exhaustively to continuously improve the school by looking for new and better ways of providing data-driven learning experiences for students and staff. The strong commitment by all stakeholders of the school continues to make Oak Grove a highly desirable place to live, learn, and work.

Oak Grove’s dedicated teachers work very hard to provide quality instruction for all students’ varied learning styles and needs. They work collaboratively with their grade-level and team cohorts to determine individual instructional needs as well as instill a desire in students to be life-long learners. As a result, students enjoy learning and feeling successful in the process. The Oak Grove faculty is a highly appreciated component of the success of the school. The school is fortunate to have a high faculty retention year after year, which provides a great stability for the school. There is a strong trust factor among the stakeholders (faculty and staff, parents, students, and community members) that the faculty and staff will provide quality instruction and a nurturing environment for the students. Faculty members continue to set the example for students of being life-long learners themselves by attending conferences, taking classes, and obtaining higher education degrees to further improve instruction. We take to heart our Oak Grove motto of being “an inclusive community of learning” for all.

Families and community members, including our beloved “grandfriends” dedicate endless hours throughout the school year volunteering in the classrooms and participating in numerous events that occur after school and on weekends. We continue to thrive from the support of our dedicated and generous PTA for academically rich programs, projects, and items that supplement and enhance the educational, cultural, and social missions of the school. Additionally, our Principal's Advisory Council provides constructive suggestions and guidance and is instrumental and highly supportive as we all work together to continue the positive direction of the school.